Cure The Slice

The thing to remember about slicing is that the clubface is open to the path that the club is swinging on at impact. For instance if the club is moving toward the hole at impact and the clubface is open 5 degrees then the ball will start about 3 to 4 degrees to the right of the hole and curve more to the right. Another scenario would be if the path of the club is 10 degrees to the left and the clubface is aimed at the hole at impact the ball would start only 2 to 3 degrees to the left and slice wildly! So, the correction would be to correct the reason for the open clubface at impact. The first thing to look at would be the grip. If the grip it is turned too far to the left on the club for a right handed golfer, then we would turn the hands on the club until the V’s formed by the thumb and forefinger on both hands point to the trail shoulder. If that is not the problem or if fixing the grip does not totally correct the slice then we need to work on the rotation of the club during the downswing to square the clubface. This could be done by starting to rotate the grip counter clockwise on the downswing. The rate of this closure is adjusted by the golfer until the ball stops slicing. Remember, this closing must begin before impact. You must experiment on the timing and amount. You will probably see that your old slice turns into a hook. Once it does you can work on your path that is usually too much to the left. So the combination of a path at the hole and a clubface that squares up at impact will make the slice a thing of the past.