Golf Tips from James Leitz

  • Stretch – Stretch – Stretch

    All the 3-D Motion Research I do keeps pointing toward the inability of the amateur golfer to rotate their hips through impact. Most amateur’s hips are barely open at impact. Tour player’s hips are 35 to 50 degrees open at impact. When the hips are not open enough at impact the arms pass them up […]

  • The Reverse Weigh Shift Blues

    If you finish with your weight on your back foot at the end of the swing then this tip is for you. Most people shift their pelvis too far to the right on the backswing and not enough toward the target on the downswing. Your pelvis should shift less than an inch toward the back […]

  • Cure The Slice

    The thing to remember about slicing is that the clubface is open to the path that the club is swinging on at impact. For instance if the club is moving toward the hole at impact and the clubface is open 5 degrees then the ball will start about 3 to 4 degrees to the right […]

  • Don’t forget the Impact Point!

    Want to his more solid and straighter drives?  Then be sure the impact point is slightly above the center of the face of the driver.   You can measure this by using a dry erase marker to mark the face of your driver. Impact points on the heel can cause the ball to go to the […]

  • Cure the Three-Putt Blues!

    If you three- putt, one or more times per round, it is usually due to the inability to hit the ball the correct distance on your approach putts. Golfers do not realize this, but they miss 4 to 5 times more in distance than they do on direction when they putt. So a good drill […]